Zest Q Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

The best features of Fisher & Paykel masks come together with an advanced air diffuser in the Zest Q. What does the “Q” stand for? Quiet. The enhancements to the air diffuser reduce partner disturbance and make the mask quieter yet.



Product Features

The Zest Q builds on the success of the Zest Nasal CPAP Mask and has made an even quieter mask, so quiet they put a “Q” in the name!

  • Enhanced air diffuser
  • Quiet operation
  • FlexiFit technology
  • Glider strap
  • Headgear and strap release

Fisher & Paykel refined the design of the air diffuser to minimize the sound associated with exhalation. The changes to the air diffuser reduce partner disturbances making for a better night’s sleep.

Unique to F&P masks, FlexiFit Technology offers an auto-contouring fit using a two-part cushion.The foam cushion provides support and contours to the face while the outer silicone cushion helps to prevent leaks.

The glider strap anti-leak system allows for freedom of movement and maintains the seal, even when turning from side to side.

The Zest Q headgear is designed to offer support and maintain a firm seal while still being comfortable. The glider clip strap release makes removing the mask easy and maintains the headgear adjustments. The headgear of the Zest Q is latex free, as are all other headgear by Fisher & Paykel.

Fisher & Paykel offers a version designed for women with a feminine headgear. To read more visit Lady Zest Q Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear.

Fisher & Paykel offers assistance with this sizing guide: Zest, Zest Q and Lady Zest Q Sizing Guide.

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