CPAP Vapor Clear Sinus Blaster



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Product Features

The Vapor Clear: Sinus Blaster includes everything you need to start experiencing the benefits of Pur-Sleep Aromatherapy with your CPAP/BIPAP Machine.

Included in package:

  • One Diffuser Tray Stand
  • Four Disposable Fiber Diffusion Pads
  • Two Zip Lock Storage Bags
  • One 5ml bottle each of Essential oils: Clear and Calm.


‘Clear’ is made with pure peppermint, lemon, lime, and clary sage essential oils. It has a remarkably pleasant and familiar aromatic quality and can be characterized as minty-fresh, sweet, clear, and penetrating. People have reported success using this blend to help clear up mild congestion and also waking up with a particularly invigorating feeling.


The Calm scent is made from a blend of eucalyptus, French lavender and rosemary. A natural menthol cooling sensation helps soothe and relax users. Calm has no camphor, but provides a mild natural menthol cooling sensation.

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